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Situated in the centre of the historic Highfield gallops in Norton, and having easy access to both the Highfield and Langton gallops, which provide the following;

Highfield gallops consist of 1 mile sand and rubber gallop and a 10f and 4f grass gallop for two year olds. Starting stalls, schooling tyres, hurdles and fences are also available.

Langton Wold Gallop; consists of 6f Polytrack gallop, plus various grass gallops. A Polytrack uphill gallop which is in the process of being extended and a set of starting stalls, schooling lane, hurdles and fences.



On-Site Facilities



There are 20 stables boxes at Beverley House Racing.

These are divided into two stable blocks.

The stables are approximately 12' x 12' in size with automatic water drinkers and built in feed mangers.

Each stable benefits from shavings over rubber matting and straw bedding.


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Lunge Pen

Lunge Ring

Beverley House Racing has it's own large outdoor lunge ring built on an all weather rubber surface; ideal for breaking in yearlings.

Working in the lunge ring has many advantages for both horses and riders - for a young or inexperienced horse, lunging (or longeing to give it its proper name!) is used to teach a horse to respond to the trainers voice commands and body language. It also provides the opportunity in a controlled environment, to get the horse accustomed to the feel of a saddle and bridle and introduce them to the feel of reigns and bit pressure.

For riders, lungeing provides a valuable teaching aid to help the rider develop their seat and position without having to control the horse.

Covered Horsewalker

Our horse walker/exerciser has become an essential addition to our facilities enabling us to provide an additional form of exercise and extra outing from the stables.

It is also particularly beneficial for young horses and those horses that are under rehabilitation after injury, helping to build muscle and strength without interference from the rider.

Several horses can be exercised at the same time with variable hydraulic speed control in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions with minimum supervision.

Having a covered roof we are able to use this all year round.


Turn Out Paddocks

Just off the main yard are our turnout paddocks which are used and rested according to the weather conditions.

Regular maintenance keeps them in the best condition for the horses to enjoy 'some freedom' from the stables.

All the horses are turned out individually but we keep stable mates next to each other giving them the feeling of being out together.

A strictly controlled worming programme helps to keep the paddocks free from infection.